Tech Work Data Center

2024-06-04 04:04:18

Good morning, sorry for the inconvenience, the server will be online in a few hours, message from the data center: Maintenance notice Dear Dedibox users, We would like to inform you that the host will be undergoing maintenance on Tuesday, June 4th, from 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM (Paris Time).

Update:connection with the data center has been restored, the server will be online at 12:00 without delay.
All players will receive double experience for a day.
And also all players until the 9th reset will receive constant x10 experience.

Author: Administrator

Update x5 Core #5

2024-05-25 23:12:33

The update contains:
1. Fixed the ability to sell or trade the Unicorn pet.
2. Fixed the ability to trade Talisman of Chaos Assembly.
3. Fixed merging of items in additional inventory.
4. Auto CTRL is now activate by pressing the F9 button.
5. Client fixes.

All players need to update via Launcher or download Patcher from the website.

Author: Administrator

Update x5 Core #4

2024-05-02 16:26:33

The update contains:
1. Opening all game content on the 5th reset.
2. Added 2 additional Golden Invasion at 10:00/16:00.

Author: Administrator

Server Online!

2024-04-24 22:59:49

You need to update using Launcher or from the site!

Author: Administrator

Unscheduled problems of the Data Center

2024-04-23 22:27:32

The hosting provider has problems with connection, we are waiting for a solution on their part, therefore we apologize for the inconvenience and announce the launch of the server at 12:00 server time.
Update, launch time has been moved to 20:00 solutions to the problem.

As compensation after launch, experience on the server will be x2, exactly as much time as the server was absent, and also for players with VIP status, lost time will be returned.

Author: Administrator