Update #15

2023-09-14 17:01:22

On Thursday 14.09.2023 at 20:00 server time there will be a major update, we are expected to:
1. Fixed a problem with reconnection after the /offline command.
2. Fixed a problem with HP for gold bosses.
3. All functions on the site will be available for game bonuses, including VIP, class change and name change.

Author: Administrator

Update #14

2023-09-07 10:57:54

On Thursday 07.09.2023 at 20:00 server time there will be a major update, we are expected to:
1. Added Sub server without events and invasions.
2. Reduced Poison resistance for all bosses.
3. Fixed combo in offline leveling.
4. Rena mix updated.
5. The time to unlock from kills has been reduced.

Author: Administrator

Update #13

2023-09-04 13:46:43

On Monday 04.09.2023 at 20:00 server time there will be a major update, we are expected to:
1. Fixed Flame magic attack speed in offline leveling.
2. Fixed the amount of stamina required to use Dragon Roar.
3. Updated reward for White/Red Cherry Blossom.
4. Anti-cheat system update.
5. Fixed party flags appearing when viewing Guild information.
6. Fixed pickup stuttering when using Mu Helper.
7. Fixed attack stuttering when using Mu Helper.
8. Added the ability to use a combo hit when using Mu Helper.

Author: Administrator

Server x1 Master started successfully.

2023-09-01 20:28:59

First of all, we want to thank you, dear players.
Your support helps the project to develop, your positive feedback tells us that we are going in the right direction.

A few tips for new players:
1. Familiarize yourself with the quest system, it is best to go through it gradually, this will allow you to earn bonuses and valuable items.
2. Don't forget to visit the Kalima location, you can find spots in levels 1-6 and the experience is slightly improved there.

We wish you good mood, excellent drop, successful crafting and pleasant pastime on our server!

The first Castle Siege will take place on September 17 at 20:00! I wish you all good luck!

Author: Administrator

Opening x1 Master 01.09.2023

2023-08-03 09:59:29

The server for true connoisseurs of MuOnline opens its doors.
Our server is, first of all, quality tested over the years.

Difficult character leveling, lack of Resets with a maximum Master Level of 200 make it possible to reveal your favorite character to the fullest.

The importance of being in the guild for raids, pvp tournaments where everyone can demonstrate their skills and abilities, a well-thought-out quest system for those who like to hunt monsters and get worthwhile rewards, including stat points! All this and more is here!

A full-fledged and high-quality engine of the 6th season (own development), as well as powerful servers with ddos protection, allows you to fully enjoy the game without failures and lags.

1st September at 20:00 xMU opens a long-term x1 Master project and invites everyone who truly loves MuOnline!

Author: Administrator