Update x5 Core #3

2024-04-16 00:29:16

The update contains:
1. Changes in Devias Tournament, now the event is massive and all character classes participate in it.
2. A timer will appear before the start of the Devias Tournament.
3. Client fixes.

All players need to update via Launcher or download from the website.

Author: Administrator

Update x5 Core #2

2024-04-12 19:09:23

The update contains:
1. Added two additional Golden Invasion on weekends at 10:00 and 16:00.
2. Fixed teleport problems.

All players need to update via Launcher or download from the website.

Author: Administrator

Update x5 Core #1

2024-04-08 15:18:16

The update contains:
1. Fixed client crash at 800x600 resolution.
2. Added Jewel of Bless/Soul to the drop from Pouch of Blessing.
3. Demon/Guardian Spirit can now be transferred via Trade.

All players need to update via Launcher or download from the website.

Author: Administrator

We invite everyone to the opening of х5 Core

2024-03-25 22:11:21

The x5 server opens on 05.04.2024 at 20:00 server time, don’t miss it!

Our servers are reliable, durable and have a well-thought-out structure.
We stick to the classic version of MuOnline with some minor modifications of our own.

New Client
Hundreds and thousands of players have become convinced of the quality of our servers, but we do not stop there and are working to improve it and fix bugs. We have developed a new client that will fully help you enjoy the game, and we will fix all the bugs that have bothered our favorite players and all MuOnline fans for many years.
In the client we developed, you will also see many new functions, such as a convenient party search (button P), many additional inventory, improved and in many ways adjusted MuHelper, pumping statistics, as well as many other functionalities.

X Experience System
Despite our experience, we always strive to make a game that would allow everyone to reveal their own potential. Therefore, we have developed an experience system that gives absolutely everyone, at any stage of the game, the opportunity not only to catch up with any of the players, but also to overtake him, now it depends only on your desire!

Quest System Update
We are constantly working to ensure that every player on our server has fun. The quest system has been redesigned to saturate your evening with interesting content and pleasant rewards.

We can talk for a long time about the changes and what awaits you both at the opening and in the future, but it’s always better to see and touch than to chat, so the Open Beta Test is open until 04.04.2024

Be sure to use your Referral link to invite your friends and acquaintances who have not yet joined us, and receive rewards.

Author: Administrator

Merging - x1 Master to Final

2024-03-06 03:00:51

Now it's time for x1 Master server players to embark on a long-awaited journey - x1 Master is merging with Final.

The Final server was opened in February 2023.

x1 Master server players will be ported to Final. Your characters with items (dressed+main inventory) will be transferred safe and sound. The main thing is to make sure that your account has at least 1 character with 350 level.

The merger will take place on 11.03.2024.

Author: Administrator